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We’re here to help you meet your production goals.

We’ve compiled this collection of documents, presentations, and articles on a wide range of topics related to our work here at Ward Laboratories. Take a look through these resources and reach out if you have any questions.

Feed & NIRS Updates

Get the information you need to create a balanced ration or supplementation strategy for your livestock. Here are some resources to help.

Water Updates

Poor water quality can lead to poor plant health and also health problems for your livestock. Here are some helpful resources to ensure your water is safe and pure.

Fertilizer & Lime Updates

When it comes to crop inputs, providing the exact nutrients you need is the best way to ensure high yields and healthy plants. Learn more with these resources.

Manure, Slurry, Compost & Wastewater Updates

Testing the nutrient composition in your manure, slurry, and compost ensures your plants get what they need to thrive. Check out these resources to learn more.