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(800) 887-7645 Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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About Us


Our mission statement is our statement of purpose and guides the actions of our organization. It spells out our overall goals and guides our decision making. Here are the principles of how we live that every day:

  1. Providing accurate and timely sample preparation and analysis
  2. Constantly striving toward our goals for the future with economic efficiency and environmental responsibility
  3. Preserving the integrity of each sample and reflecting that care in every result
  4. Owning our errors and taking steps to eliminate them
  5. Ensuring that every action be for the direct benefit of the customer, helping them to develop the best use of soil and water resources while maintaining environmental quality.


The professionals at Ward Laboratories, Inc. have one goal every time we enter the door of our modern laboratory: Provide the most accurate and reliable agricultural testing available in a timely fashion. To that end the professionals at Ward Laboratories, Inc.:

  • Are thoroughly trained and educated to provide reliable analysis.
  • Utilize sophisticated equipment and latest techniques.
  • Are active in dozens of professional organizations to ensure constant contact with the industry.
  • Are supported by cutting edge university and private research.
  • Have the expertise that only experience can offer.

The professionals at Ward Laboratories realize that every test completed provides critical information essential to important production decisions impacting your bottom line. We will go the extra mile and spend a little more time to insure you have the best information possible. We are proud of our work, proud of our reputation for excellence and dedicated to ensuring the Ward Laboratories legacy continues for years to come. Ultimately, we are most proud of the results we provide each and every time.