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We’ll give you more than just the numbers. You’ll get the expert advice and customized input recommendations that you need to produce a superior product and improve your bottom line.

Here’s a look at what we offer:

How fertile is your soil? We can analyze your soil sample for nutrient availability, microbial activity and other key indicators of active, vibrant soil, using traditional soil testing, the Soil Health Assessment, PLFA testing, and more. Choose from a comprehensive range of soil tests to identify deficiencies or imbalances in your soil and save money on expensive inputs.

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Want to decrease waste and increase profitability? Start with feed testing at Ward! We’ll analyze your current feed composition and provide data to help you properly nourish your livestock.

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Are your plants hungry? It’s possible that your healthy-looking plants are suffering from hidden hunger, resulting in disappointing yields. We can analyze your plant tissue sample to diagnose a specific symptom of poor health or to monitor your crop for signs of hidden nutrient deficiencies.

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The quality of your water can directly impact crops, livestock and human health. Water testing at Ward Laboratories will identify mineral imbalances, harmful bacteria and contaminants such as lead and nitrates.

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We can test your fertilizer sample for available levels of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulphur, zinc, iron, copper and manganese. We can also test the purity and quality of your lime, giving you the assurance that your amendment can adequately adjust pH.

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We know that pure, high-quality water is critically important to our brewery clients. Get accurate, reliable test results from our user-friendly water testing kits!

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Manure and compost are valuable inputs that can enrich the quality of your soil. But guessing at the nutrient content of these substances is a mistake! Without accurate testing, you might be applying too much or too little, resulting in poor crop health and environmental concerns. Send samples to Ward Laboratories and we’ll help you calibrate your manure and compost applications to best meet your production goals.

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How Much Does Testing Cost?

Cost is calculated based on the individual test requested.

See our price list.

How Do I Take a Sample?

Click here for everything you need to know about sample types and sampling procedures!

Do You Accept Samples From Any Location?

Yes, we accept samples from producers all over the world! Any samples that are submitted from outside the U.S. will need an APHIS permit and label. You can learn more about the APHIS and its requirements here.

Reliable test results and recommendations you can count on.

We’ve been analyzing samples for farmers, ranchers, brewers and producers of every kind, all over the globe for almost four decades. Our mission is to deliver the data you need for better management decisions, whether your goal is healthier livestock, resilient crops or the perfect pour.

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