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WARD Laboratories

Ward Laboratories, Inc. is a full-service agriculture testing laboratory dedicated to serving farmers and ranchers.

We specialize in testing soils, plants, feed, forages, water, manures, fertilizer and other special testing projects.

Our Services

Soil Analysis

When you know what’s going on with your soil, you can make smart decisions…

Soil Health

Soil is a complex ecosystem that provides habitat for an endless array of …

Feed & NIRS Analysis

You know that feeding a balanced ration to your animals is the difference…

Plant Analysis

Plant analysis provides two approaches to enhancing fertilizer effectiveness…

Water Analysis

Ward offers economical packages of tests to determine the suitability of water.

Soil Sampling season is here at Ward Laboratories!

Soil testing results can only be as accurate as the sample collected. To obtain an accurate soil sample, follow the protocol explained in these videos and in the “How to Sample” page of our website.

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