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Dr. Ray Ward speaks on panel at MarkeTech Conference
We often get the chance to listen to hear Dr. Ray Ward speak about soils, we seldom get to hear Dr. Ray Ward’s Business Advice. However, Dr. Ward was invited to speak on a panel, Big Businesses Start Out Small, at the 2022 MarkeTech conference here in Kearney. The moderator stumbled over Dr. Ward’s bio...
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The ultimate question of why Ward Laboratories, INC. has a feed department: Why test feeds? Approximately 2 years ago, in 2020 I tried to answer this question in blog post: Value in feed testing: feed analysis pays off in profits. Here we are 2 years later with drought conditions persisting across western United States. These...
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Welcome to Ward! Here, we strive to provide quality analytical analysis of agricultural samples. Soil, plant, and fertilizer reports allow farmers to make informed decisions regarding field amendments. Additionally, Soil health analysis provided producers with a tool to compare management practices. While, water testing can ensure safety and quality for intended use. Furthermore, feed reports...
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