Welcome to Ward! Here, we strive to provide quality analytical analysis of agricultural samples. Soil, plant, and fertilizer reports allow farmers to make informed decisions regarding field amendments. Additionally, Soil health analysis provided producers with a tool to compare management practices. While, water testing can ensure safety and quality for intended use. Furthermore, feed reports provide nutrient information required to formulate mixed rations and devise supplementation strategies to meet animal requirements. Feed analysis can help producers improve the precision and profitability of their feeding program.

Ward Labs provides more than just the numbers. We produce publications to assist with interpreting reports and answer frequently asked questions. We also give tours and hold events. Additionally, our professional staff consult with clients daily. They provide information on amendment recommendations, agronomy, soil health, management practices, animal nutrition and more! Our goal is to provide analytics and guidance resulting in producers making economically and environmentally responsible decisions. 

Our History

Ward Laboratories was founded in June, 1983 when Ray and Jolene Ward relocated to Kearney, Nebraska and set up shop in a three-bay garage in a local industrial park. Six months later, they moved to their first 3,500 sq. ft. laboratory. Along with two employees, Ray and Jolene worked side-by-side as the nascent business grew. The first full year of operation (1984), Ward Laboratories analyzed just over 16,000 individual samples.

They quickly outgrew the first location and moved the business to its current home in 1989. Steady growth over the next decade included adding feed, water, plant and manure analysis to the services offered. By 2000, the facility had grown to 15,000 sq. ft. and analyzed 130,000 samples from farmers, ranchers and homeowners throughout the Midwest.

In 2015, Ward Laboratories cut the ribbon on another 16,900 sq. ft. addition to help process high volumes of samples while ensuring high-quality and accurate analytical results. Their customer based has grown to include samples from all over North America as well as Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

As the business has grown, Ward Laboratories continues to follow Ray and Jolene’s founding principal to provide quality analytical results so customers can make informed decisions about their operations.

Our Mission

To provide accurate and diverse laboratory analysis swiftly and affordably through commitment to advancement and client relationships

Our Vision

To be the most trusted and proven laboratory resource to guide food producers around the world

Our Objectives

  • Honor Ray and Jolene Ward’s founding principal to provide quality results so clients can make informed decisions
  • Create an environment where our people can grow personally and professionally to continue to promote the advancement necessary to stay ahead of the curve
  • Aim beyond the cutting edge in technology, processes, and services we provide to our current and future customers
  • Create opportunities for our organization to foster and build new relationships based on trust, integrity, and passion in and around the communities we serve throughout the world
  • Strive for excellence in our results and proactively hold ourselves accountable to accept, resolve, and eliminate errors
  • Ensure that the producer can continue to have the necessary information to confidently make decisions that benefit their businesses, families, and communities
  • Active involvement in professional organizations to provide support and collaborate while continually learning from other industry leaders

We look forward to analyzing your agricultural samples and consulting with you about what our results mean for your operation! Welcome to Ward!

About the author

Rebecca earned her M.S. in Animal Nutrition from the University of Wyoming with a collaborative project with the US Meat Animal Research Center. She is an active member of the American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists. With a passion for producer education she is a regular contributor to Progressive Forage Magazine. Currently, she serves as the Immediate Past President of the NIRS Forage and Feed Testing Consortium (NIRSC).

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