Here at Ward Laboratories Inc there is always something happening.  This past month and the coming months include construction projects and new lab equipment.  This past week, we also became a zoo, I kid of course.
In the lab we are adding new fume hoods and expanding for new stations and lab equipment.  Once the construction is finished, we will be adding new tests including, enzyme testing for soil health, soil water holding capacity, and selenium in feeds.  In the mean time however, the air conditioning units can’t keep up as we are missing parts of walls, and technicians are providing their usual accurate and precise results dispite being a little displaced in the lab.  The remodel is quite a process.

Now I jokingly stated we are now a zoo, and while that may not be true we have had many visits from all kinds of creatures, kitties, bunnies, and a tiny toad.

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Rebecca earned her M.S. in Animal Nutrition from the University of Wyoming with a collaborative project with the US Meat Animal Research Center. She is an active member of the American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists. With a passion for producer education she is a regular contributor to Progressive Forage Magazine. Currently, she serves as the Immediate Past President of the NIRS Forage and Feed Testing Consortium (NIRSC).

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