Gravity Irrigation
Irrigation water analysis might not be top of mind when thinking about crop fertility, but it is a critical piece. Consider that the minerals in the water end up on the field. This can mean less fertilizer is needed. Conversely, it can mean there is a need for additional applications on dry land. So, let’s...
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When we make fertilizer recommendations for upcoming crops, it’s good to consider nitrogen credits from past crops. Leguminous species like soybean, alfalfa, and clover may provide a nitrogen credit for the next season’s crop. However, there are a few misconceptions about where the nitrogen credit comes from. Soybean Nitrogen Credits For this example, we’ll talk...
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Profitability vs. productivity can be a tough concept because those of us involved in production agriculture want to produce more. We want to be more productive, raise higher yielding crops, and achieve and exceed our yield goals. But at what expense does that additional productivity come? First, a trip down memory lane… I earned my...
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