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Profitability vs. Productivity

Profitability vs. productivity can be a tough concept because those of us involved in production agriculture want to produce more. We want to be more productive, raise higher yielding crops, and achieve and exceed our yield goals. But at what expense does that additional productivity come? First, a trip down memory lane… I earned my […]

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Welcome to Ward

Welcome to Ward! Here, we strive to provide quality analytical analysis of agricultural samples. Soil, plant, and fertilizer reports allow farmers to make informed decisions regarding field amendments. Additionally, Soil health analysis provided producers with a tool to compare management practices. While, water testing can ensure safety and quality for intended use. Furthermore, feed reports […]

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Tissue Testing: Are your plants Hungry?

Tissue testing is a useful tool for producers of all crops and species. However, it is often overlooked. When plant analysis is paired with routine soil testing, visual observation, and knowledge of the field, it can be a valuable tool in efficient crop production management. Additionally, tissue testing can aid in reaching yield goals. There […]

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Feeding Soil Microbes: A How To Guide

The Role of Bacteria Feeding soil microbes includes feeding fungi and bacteria present within the soil. Bacteria are single-celled organisms that are generally 4/100,000 of an inch wide and long. A teaspoon of healthy soil can contain between 100 million and 1 billion bacteria. Because of their abundance, bacteria play important roles in the way […]

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Fungal to Bacterial Ratios: What and Why?

What is “regen ag?” If the topic of “fungal to bacterial ratios” peaks your interest, it is likely you are interested in regenerative agriculture. We are entering the age of regenerative agriculture (commonly referred to as “regen ag”). This is a time where novel concepts and rationales are being introduced to farmers. Many producers are […]

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