Manure, Slurry, Compost & Wastewater Analysis | Slurry Sampling Procedure

Slurry Sampling Procedure

Follow the directions below to find out how to accurately sample your slurry.


Slurry Sampling Procedure

  1. Agitate the manure mixture for 2 to 4 hours before sampling.
  2. Sub-samples can be dipped from the agitated storage using a bucket on a rope, thrown into the manure storage, taken from spreader tank loads, or taken from the transfer pipe.
  3. Samples also may be taken at the time of application. Place 3 to 6 small buckets (plastic coffee cans) at several locations in the field(s).
  4. Place all sub-samples in a larger clean plastic pail and stir the contents thoroughly.
  5. Use a long-handled dipper to take several cups of mixture into a clean one-quart plastic bottle until the liquid is about 2 to 3 inches from the top of the bottle.
  6. Put a piece of tape over the lid and place sealed samples in a second or even third plastic bag to prevent spillage and odor.
  7. Clearly mark sample bags with a waterproof pen. The use of felt-tip pens or pencils can smear if exposed to water or during shipping.
  8. Samples should be shipped to the laboratory as soon as possible. Keep samples cool (not frozen) until delivery to the laboratory.
  9. Use a clean plastic container for submitting your sample. Bottles can be obtained from the laboratory.
  10. Rinse the container several times with water that is being sampled. Send at least one-half pint of water to be tested.
  11. Wells should be pumped several hours before sampling. Test wells should be sampled after the pipe and screen are in place. Pump well for at least 10 hours before sampling.
  12. Samples of lakes, streams, and ponds should be taken from below the surface.
  13. If it is not possible to send the sample to the lab immediately after collection, refrigerate until it is sent.
  14. After you’ve mailed your sample, your results will be emailed once completed. Turnaround time varies by analysis and season, but most sample results will be sent within 1-3 days of the samples arriving at the lab.  You will receive an invoice with the results, payable by check, credit card or through our online portal.

Ready to submit your sample?

Download the submittal form and make sure you include your name, address, phone number, sample ID, and desired analysis. Email address is suggested for rapid return on reports.

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