Manure, Slurry, Compost & Wastewater Analysis | Manure/Compost Sampling Procedure

Manure/Compost Sampling Procedure

Follow the directions below to find out how to best utilize your manure and compost.

Manure/Compost Sampling Procedure

  1. Due to the volatile organic compounds and ammonium present in manure, samples should be taken within 1 to 2 weeks of application. Composts have already partially decomposed and often contain more stable compounds, so they may be tested 1 to 2 months prior to application.
  2. Select piles that are most representative of your sample.
  3. Collect 8 manure subsamples to a depth of 12” at eight spots throughout the pile. Samples should be moist and contain manure and plants. Compost only requires 6 subsamples due to uniformity.
  4. Thoroughly mix subsamples and place in labeled bags. A gallon sized zip lock bag filled approximately half full is enough.
  5. Samples should be shipped to the laboratory as soon as possible. Keep samples cool (not frozen) until delivery to the laboratory.
  6. Place sealed samples in a second or even third plastic bag to prevent spillage and odor.
  7. Please clearly mark sample bags with a waterproof pen. The use of felt-tip pens or pencils can smear if exposed to water or during shipping.
  8. After you’ve mailed your sample, your results will be emailed once completed. Turnaround time varies by analysis and season, but most sample results will be sent within 1-3 days of the samples arriving at the lab.  You will receive an invoice with the results, payable by check, credit card or through our online portal.

Ready to submit your sample?

Download the submittal form and make sure you include your name, address, phone number, sample ID, and desired analysis. Email address is suggested for rapid return on reports.

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