Soil Health Assessment


If you are ordering the kit from outside of the United States (including U.S Military bases), then please call 1-800-887-7645 or email for more information.

The following kit includes the cost of analysis, a soil sample bag, and a submission sheet.

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Living soil is an active soil. The Soil Health Assessment (SHA) goes beyond other soil tests and measures the biological, chemical and physical properties of your soil. By combining the latest in soil fertility and soil health into a single test, SHA helps you measure and manage the health of your soil without compromising crop productivity.

This kit includes:

  • Cost of analysis
  • Soil Sample Bag
  • Submittal Sheet (please include with sample)

Once you receive your results, you will have:

  • A complete report of the test results, including your soil’s unique health score.
  • Cover crop and fertilizer recommendations to improve soil fertility and crop yields.
  • Measurement of available nutrients, microbial activity and aggregate stability to make management decisions that improve your soil health.


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