Ward Laboratories – hometown roots, worldwide growth.

We’re a full-service agricultural testing laboratory headquartered in Kearney, Nebraska, serving our local community and a growing clientele of global producers.

Ward Laboratories was founded in 1983 by Ray and Jolene Ward, with the goal of providing quality analytical results so customers can make informed decisions about their operations.

For nearly four decades, we’ve continuously expanded our services to include testing for soil, feed, plants, water and manure. Our reputation for excellence and accuracy has made us a trusted source of data and information for producers all across North America and around the world.

More About Us

Market prices and growing conditions can be unpredictable.

Accurate, reliable test results keep our producers moving forward.

Want to set your operation up for maximum profitability – even during uncertain times? We can’t control every variable out there. But we can make sure that you have the scientific data you need to make smart, informed management decisions.

Submitting a sample for analysis is the first step. You’ll receive a complete report of all results, along with our expert recommendations to meet your production goals.


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