Test your winery’s water quality

Submit your water sample to Ward Laboratories and receive a complete water quality report.

ScottCart Aqua

Use your test results to choose the best water filtration system from Scott Laboratories

Ward Laboratories and Scott Laboratories joined forces to create this Complete Winery Test Kit to ensure that you get the most out of your water filtration system. You’ll receive an easy-to-use test kit with everything you need to sample your winery’s water source.

Complete Winery Test Kit

$56.00 USD

This all-in-one package includes the cost of your water sample analysis, submittal form, prepaid postage, a clean sample bottle, and necessary packaging.

Here’s what we’ll be testing for:

  • Iron, manganese, aluminum, silica, chlorine & calcium carbonate
  • Total hardness (Ca+Mg) & turbidity

How do I sample my water?

It’s easy! Follow these simple steps to collect your water sample, using the supplies included in your test kit.

  1. Use the plastic container included in your test kit to collect your water sample.
  2. Let the water run for five minutes.
  3. Rinse the container several times with the water that is being sampled and then fill the sample container. Send at least one-half pint of water to be tested.
  4. If it is not possible to send the sample to the lab immediately after collection, refrigerate it until it is sent.

Customize your filters to match your water composition

Once you’ve completed your water test and received your results from Ward, you’ll have the data you need to choose the best filtration setup from the SCOTTCART® AQUA line available at Scott Labs. Choosing the correct filters for your water will protect your equipment from corrosion, hard water build-up, and biofilms while allowing you to run comfortably at your required flow rate.

Benefits of customized water filtration

  • Reduce mineral buildup & potential for biofilm formation on equipment
  • Prevent taint precursors and heavy metals that cause off-flavors, corrosion, & toxicity
  • Reduce impurities that affect the efficiency of wine additions
  • Prevent excess organic solids & minerals fouling filter media

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