Water Analysis
Typically, we advise livestock producers to monitor pond water quality as temperatures rise and pond water levels drop. However, when we are in drought and starting the grazing season with low water levels and concentrated water sources. Here are five considerations for pond water quality: 1. Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) This is a measure of...
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Gravity Irrigation
Irrigation water analysis might not be top of mind when thinking about crop fertility, but it is a critical piece. Consider that the minerals in the water end up on the field. This can mean less fertilizer is needed. Conversely, it can mean there is a need for additional applications on dry land. So, let’s...
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I’d be willing to wager that if you are reading this blog, you’ve probably submitted either soil, water, feed, or another of the numerous things we test, to Ward Laboratories, INC.  Then, once you’ve received your results you’ve probably called in and been able to talk to either Dr. Nick, or Dr. Ray and had...
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