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Starter fertilizer has become common place in today’s row crop production systems. This approach of applying fertility at planting takes many forms–with the seed, 2’’ by 2’’, 2” to the side on the surface or simply on the ground behind the press wheel. The goal is to provide vital nutrients to young plants to overcome...
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Profitability vs. productivity can be a tough concept because those of us involved in production agriculture want to produce more. We want to be more productive, raise higher yielding crops, and achieve and exceed our yield goals. But at what expense does that additional productivity come? First, a trip down memory lane… I earned my...
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Reprint From June 2003 Ward Letter. Ward Laboratories professionals often get questions about surface urea application and UAN solutions. Urea is a dry fertilizer that dissolves with water after application creating urease enzyme activity that is naturally present in all soils at some level. Urease enzyme converts urea to ammonia (NH3) and bicarbonate (HCO3) in...
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