Is the variation in your feed ingredients resulting in an inconsistent TMR?

Analyze your feed ingredients and TMR to evaluate variation that might be costing your cattle performance.

An inconsistent TMR can result in:

  • Increased instances of bloating
  • Increased instances of acidosis
  • Decreased production performance such as average daily gain
  • Reduced profitability

The most economical way to ensure a consistent TMR is to analyze the ingredients and adjust the blend accordingly.

Here are some tests we recommend for your ingredients:

Forages, Corn Silage & Corn Grain:
NIRS + Minerals

$32.00 USD

Wet Distillers:

$42.00 USD

Rations and Other Supplements:

$40.25 USD

NIRS + Nitrate:

$24.50 USD


$18.00 USD

To monitor the consistency of your TMR, we recommend taking 3 samples of the same ration.

  • Collect a beginning, middle, and end sample as the TMR comes into the bunk.
  • Analyze all three using the F-10 package.
  • Calculate the CV.

Our Animal Scientist can prepare a Statistical Summary and guide you through the interpretation of your results!

Order a ration consistency evaluation package: 3 F-10 analysis with Statistical Summary Report completed by our Animal Scientist.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Take a Sample?

Click here to learn about sampling procedures!


How often should I sample?

Sample before a management change is made and then an appropriate amount of time after that change was made. This will vary by management practice and intensity of changes. Sampling pre-plant each year is a good starting point.


The ideal soil temperature for sampling is 50 degrees Fahrenheit. In cooler climates, however, the soil temperature may not reach 50 degrees before planting. In that instance, we encourage you to take your sample during the pre-plant phase to aid in management decisions for the upcoming crop. Take samples during mild weather, and avoid sampling during extremes in either temperature or moisture. It’s imperative to stay as consistent as possible from year to year with sample timing and conditions.

Does Ward accept samples from any location?

Yes. However before submitting samples from outside the US, Ward Laboratories must submit an application through APHIS. Please email with the plant species and plant part to begin the process.

Contact us if you have questions.